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I just borrowed this copy of AP from work so I haven’t actually read the interview yet but I thought I’d scan it just in case anybody else hasn’t been able to get a hold of a copy.



Dear Sean, you’re a very big inspiration to me. Meeting you was one of the best thing that could ever happen in my life, I owe you big time. With your music and your positive energy you make me happy every day. You are definitely going through this cause you’re one of the strongest and most positive person I’ve ever met, I really don’t know how you do. I can’t imagine what are you going through but I want you to know that I have your back.
Forever in debt, and remember: yellow-best fucking band ever-card. 



baffleddreams said: This blog is just amazing, it keeps reminding me of how one person can turn an obstacle into a way of saying that life should be celebrated in the most wonderful ways. Sean Mackin is such an inspiration to many of us out here. I'm trying to be strong and keeping my faith in every lil thing that's happening to me no matter how good or bad it is just like Sean. I'll always be grateful to everything. Thank you Yellowcard for everything! Thank you Sean, be strong :) We love you



Let’s kick some cancer balls!

When I first heard “Ocean Avenue,” I couldn’t believe that an alternative rock band had a violinist in it.  I was very surprised, to say the least.  Of course, I fell in love! Sean, you totally rock out on the violin!!!! Your solos give me chills and just sound sooooo amazing! I saw YC in concert 8 years ago and it was one of the best concerts I’ve been to.  You got the crowd jumping, singing, screaming, and cheering.  When you did a back flip, I was blown away :) When I found out you have thyroid cancer, my heart sank.  I seriously wanted to cry hysterically.  I didn’t want to believe a cool/wonderful guy like yourself could be stricken with such an awful disease.  However, I know you are a tough and strong guy.  YOU WILL BEAT THIS.  YOU WILL KICK CANCER RIGHT IN THE BALLS!!! Be strong, believe, stay strong, and just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.  Love one of your many fans, Liz <3



so glad that Sean and Cat saw the page! Keep sending things in for our amazing ninja-violin hero &lt;3

so glad that Sean and Cat saw the page! Keep sending things in for our amazing ninja-violin hero <3